Toyota Boshoku North & South America


Toyota Boshoku group is a global, leading supplier and manufacturer of advanced automotive interior components. Founded in 1918 as the first Toyota group company, it now operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North & South America with approximately 46,000 employees.

People Matter

We recognize the value of our people. We are where we are because of the talent of our current team members, and our future success depends on the quality of team members we recruit today.

We work hard to keep our people challenged and recognize the effort of those who overcome difficult challenges to meet our goals.

We count on hard-working, enthusiastic and dynamic people who put forth every effort in their assignment with professionalism. Team Members at Toyota Boshoku group refine their skills, make voluntary judgments, take full responsibility for their actions and make every effort to complete what has to be done. Not only do we meet demands from customers, but we are capable of making the best proposals to consumers. To do this, we diligently pursue excellence and maintain the “never give up” spirit until we succeed.

Challenge your Boundaries

We meet challenges with courage and creativity. We believe that through innovation, a continuous improvement mindset, dedication and commitment, we can grow as a corporation. Working in a fast-paced environment, we challenge our boundaries and strive for continuous personal and professional development. We put these principles in practice by continuously supplying our customers with valuable services and high quality products

Contribute to Society

We contribute to society by developing leading-edge technologies and manufacturing high quality products. As members of a global company we take a sensible course of action to pursue harmony with society. The Toyota Boshoku group is working to build an enterprise that contributes to society, and is promoting corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. We define our commitment to stakeholders in our corporate philosophy and undertake business activities based on this commitment to fulfill our social responsibilities, with the aim of continuing to be trusted by customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Opportunities for Growth

We designed a dual career ladder strategy that gives you the opportunity to grow as an individual contributor or as a people leader. We encourage team members to be proactive in designing their career path by taking on new challenges that will keep them motivated about opportunities at Toyota Boshoku America (TBA) group.

On the left picture- Akira Nakajima and Nathan Cowan. Akira Nakajima is congratulating Nathan Cowan who is going to Japan as part of our Inter Company Transfer (ICT) program. Nate is a current team member in Purchasing. He will spend one year in Japan and his main objectives are to gain a clear understanding of the process flow from design release to production, and gain knowledge on evaluating costs and learn the method and process for Purchasing activities. The final objective is to train other TBA team members on the methods and processes learned in Japan.

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