Toyota Boshoku North & South America

Our Capabilities

Introduction of Technical Center

The Toyota Boshoku America Technical Center was established in 2002.
Due to TBA's rapid expansion, in 2005 the Techincal Center moved to its current location in Novi, Michigan.
In 2011, the TBA Technical Center added a second facility in Novi to house its Prototype and Pattern Engineering groups.
TBA's Techinical Center is the North and South American window and collaboration hub for all Toyota Boshoku development activities in the region.

TBA Development Process


At the center of the TBA group of companies is a manufacturing team that utilizes our unique techniques and skills to create new products. Because of the diverse talent of this group, we are able to offer our customers a wide variety of innovative products. Our focus on the principle of kaizen (continuous improvement) means that we are constantly developing ways to be better for tomorrow. It is this focus on constant improvement coupled with our techniques and skills centered on global best practices that has made us a reliable supplier for continuous Just-in-Time delivery of the highest quality items.


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